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VVT Solenoid for Toyota
S1105 VVT solenoid for Toyota 1. Product brief: Factory Number: S1105 OE Number: 19185367/15330-28020 OE Number Make: TOYOTA Application Summary: Toyota 2013-01, Lexus 2012-10 Notes: We sell VVT solenoid for Toyota except North America. We have 21 kinds o
VVT Solenoid for Audi
S1009 VVT solenoid for Audi 1. Product brief: 2. VVT solenoid for BMW brief: VVT Solenoid is durably engineered for years of effective performance. Replacement restores smooth performance and returns your vehicle to normal operation. Now we have 11 kinds
VVT Solenoid for Dodge
S1137 VVT solenoid for Dodge 1. Product overview: 2. Certifications: 16949-2016 6. Packagingdelivery: 1. Normally one week days after your sample payment. 2. Products are wrapped in a paper bag. 3. One years when properly stored for shelf life. 4. Weight:
VVT Solenoid for Scion
S1019 VVT solenoid for Scion VVT brief: VVT solenoid is a proportional valve, meaning that the spool's moving position is proportional to the PWM duty cycle that the engine ECU provides to the VVT solenoid coil. When the duty ratio is gradually increa
VVT Solenoid for Lexus
S1030 VVT solenoid for Lexus What's the VVT solenoid? Definition: Variable Valve Timing Solenoid is an electronically controlled hydraulic vale that directs and regulates the flow of oil through a camshaft phaser. Principle: The VVT solenoid is sent a
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